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Как собрать двигатель в My Summer Car

Как собрать двигатель в My Summer Car?

Если вы мечтали самостоятельно собрать машину с нуля, но по каким-то причинам не можете это сделать в реальности, то стоит уделить немного своего внимания игре My Summer Car. Игра воплощает вашу мечту в реальность, так как катаясь по проселочным дорогам вы можете собрать свою собственную машину.

Как собрать двигатель в My Summer Car?

How do I properly start the car?

While warming up your vehicle is unnecessary, turning the engine on and taking off isn’t the best idea either. When it’s time to go make a habit of turning your car on, letting it run for just a minute, and then take off easily. Allow your car to naturally warm itself up and avoid driving at high speeds for the first few minutes on the road. Just a minute is all your car needs to allow the engine and other fluids to warm up.

Create a checklist of sorts when you get into your car in the morning. Start off by starting the car, putting on your seatbelt, adjusting the temperature to your comfort, program your GPS to your desired destination, and if you like, turn on the radio. By the time you’re done, your car will be ready to go.

Whether it’s the old family station wagon or a brand-new, shiny sports car, Sun Devil Auto is here to keep your car ready for the road. Maintenance including oil changes, fluid flushes, and repairs including engines and complex transmissions are no problem for our expert Technicians. In addition to using OEM parts, we also offer an incredible two-year 24,000-mile nationwide warranty that ensures you’re covered whether you’re in the Phoenix area or driving across the country. We’re here to help and answer any questions you may have. Visit any of our locations today for all your automotive needs in the Phoenix Metro area.

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